The Game

Participants use realistic but safe foam tipped arrows and bows to play a thrilling game of tag. Participants are eliminated upon arrows hitting them.


The game starts with players at opposing ends of the pitch. Arrows will be at the centre line. Upon the starting whistle, teams will have to dash to the centre and pick up the arrows.

The Game

Upon picking up the arrows, the fun begins. Players will have to run out of the centre zone back to their safe-to-fire zone before shooting their arrows. Be sure to aim well!


Points are scored when you eliminate your team or when you hit out the spot targets which are placed in the centre zone. Listen to the facilitators when they call you out!

Our Programme

A usual session starts off with a introduction to Archery. Participants will be able to learn how to hold a bow properly, the proper stances and posture and the correct nooking procedures. Subsequently, participants will put their learning to the test in an exciting game of Archery Tag.

Experience the thrill

Archery Tag

your archery tag battle awaits

Enjoy challenging your friends in a tough battle of skills and wits? Archery Tag is the game for you. Proudly brought to you by the Archery Attack crew.